Store a digital “sticky note” in your Web browser with this proof-of-concept tool, which employs JavaScript to save to and retrieve from your browser’s local storage. Fun things (well, the only things) to try include closing the page and reopening, then resetting to see your data disappear. Check out the source code!

This could be used to save a reminder to yourself, to learn one of many uses of localStorage in JavaScript, or to perform a dead drop if you were a secret agent. It does so without sending any information to a remote webserver, with the tradeoff that once the local storage is cleared, the information within is gone for good. (On some devices, this may be when your system gets low on memory; others, when the cache is cleared.)

How to use:

  1. Enter text.
  2. Reload the page and see what happens.
  3. Open the page in a different tab, or close and reopen your browser, to observe different behaviors.
  4. Open the page in a different browser and note that the text does not carry over.

Disclaimer: This is a research tool that uses JavaScript to set local storage in your Web browser. Use at your own risk. By using this tool, you consent to use of local storage and possibly having a cookie set. No guarantees are made as to the applicability of this tool for any particular purpose. Do not use this tool for evil. Use this tool only for good. Be nice to others.