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Holy matrimony, Batman!

A little more than a week ago, Liz and I became a married couple.

Our engagement lasted more than a year and involved us financing our own Big Day. This afforded us (pun intended) the freedom to do pretty much whatever we might have wanted to do.

Our (non-exhaustive) list of conditions amounted to the following:

With regard to the last point, Liz noted comments on A Practical Wedding that some couples had integrated portions of a landmark legal decision as a vehicle to express not only their mutual affection, but also their support for marriage equality.

The invitations proved a complete mess at first. We had everything we needed: card stock, a printer, and a program to lay out the design. Little did we count on a lack of adhesion between the toner and the surface of the invitations. Trips to three print shops proved fruitless because of the seemingly-unique sizing and porousness of our card stock.

After some debate on professional printing, Liz and I decided to spend a few days designing our own online invitation system to integrate with our wedding site. Our efforts paid off: we now had a real-time headcount and the positive experience of working together on a design project that our guests could actually use.

Saturday, 11 May 2013 will live in my mind forever as the happiest day of my life.