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Let the ketubah play

Liz and I just had our one-year anniversary this weekend. I love you, Liz!

A hard drive to crack

I like Linux so much that I have stopped using it.


Once my computer parts arrived, so did I.

Roughing it

I just upgraded… to a computer from 2007.

Infernal questions

A favorite childhood tetralogy contributed heavily to one of Life’s Great Questions.

Holy matrimony, Batman!

A little more than a week ago, Liz and I became a married couple.

A blocking issue

An apparent conflict between two Django apps had me stumped.

It’s all relative

“It’s nice to know that people still have conversations these days.” I contemplated quietly as a patron at an adjacent table addressed me. I thanked her and we spoke no further.

Too much security

Over the past few months, I have wasted spent a significant amount of time and energy tinkering with open-source network security products.

Stair crazy

Plain sight is 20/20.

When it rains

The phrase “one of those weeks” strikes me as a good way to describe the last four or five days. After two days out from work with admittedly-minor cold symptoms, I finally felt well enough to go back to the office and, with any luck, not pass the bug on to anyone else.

Feeling board

My life has changed forever thanks to a keyboard without letters on it.

Birthday suit

Sometimes I consider MC Hammer my brother from another mother.

Back in the saddle again

Nearly eight years have passed since I last got behind the wheel. Look out, Los Angeles!

Groomzilla ahoy!

I think I might be a groomzilla.

Flying the Co-op: A retrospective

The coldest season I ever spent was the winter of 2005 in Los Angeles.

No Time (Warner) like the present

We recently cut our (cable) ties with Time Warner. Pun intended.

From molehills to mountains

Nerd alert. No, really.

Paging Mr. Liz!

For the past few months I’ve been telling Liz that we “need to go to museums more often,” a statement directed at me more than at her. Liz pulled that card today, and—with few other obligations—what could I do?

Ring theory

Today Liz and I picked up our rings at Liza Shtromberg, a jewelry boutique in Los Feliz, to which a colleague referred us.

An honest man

Liz and I started dating nearly six years ago. We first met at our UCLA undergraduate student orientation two years before that. I’m happy to say that we are now engaged.