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  • Politics and Masonry don’t go together.

    Dwelling together in unity
  • Liz and I just had our one-year anniversary this weekend. I love you, Liz!

    Let the ketubah play
  • I like Linux so much that I have stopped using it.

    A hard drive to crack
  • Once my computer parts arrived, so did I.

  • I just upgraded… to a computer from 2007.

    Roughing it
  • A favorite childhood tetralogy contributed heavily to one of Life’s Great Questions.

    Infernal questions
  • A little more than a week ago, Liz and I became a married couple.

    Holy matrimony, Batman!
  • An apparent conflict between two Django apps had me stumped.

    A blocking issue
  • “It’s nice to know that people still have conversations these days.” I contemplated quietly as a patron at an adjacent table addressed me. I thanked her and we spoke no further.

    It’s all relative
  • Over the past few months, I have wasted spent a significant amount of time and energy tinkering with open-source network security products.

    Too much security